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Unleashing the Potential

Bond and insured through Pet Sitters Associates. Proudly serving the Westerly area.


Darcy V., Owner and Founder

Your dog's favorite aunt

Ever since she was a little girl, Darcy has had an enormous love for animals. Growing up, she’d spend hours looking for critters in her backyard and surrounding woods. That love hasn’t stopped. She’s stopped traffic to let turkeys cross, carried snapping turtles to safety and won’t hesitate to pick up a loose dog. In 2017, she took that passion and ran with it, opening up a side pet sitting gig after sitting for friends and family since 15. A few months later, she branched out to daily walking visits and so Waggin’ Tails Critter Sitter was born.

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Cori M., Admin

Cori joined our team March 2022 as an admin. She also grew up surrounded by animals and has turned that passion into a career. She works full-time as an animal control officer in our local community and welcomed her first baby in May 2022. She also owns a farm with quite the variety including dogs, chickens, pigs, rabbits and more. Her assistance behind the scenes has been a very welcome addition to the team!